Administrative service

Upon delivery of your car, you simply give us the car papers and the recipient's name and we take care of the rest. We will give you a copy of the car documents and additional information regarding the departure and arrival of the vehicle.

We will do the necessary to clear your vehicle at customs and, if appropriate, we will provide your supplier an export evidence to justify the tax-free sale.


We have a closed surface of more than 1000 m².

Upon delivery of your vehicle, it is possible to keep the car on site, before sending the car to the port. This is for a period of 24 to 48 hours, in order to allow you to secure your vehicle to prevent theft at the destination.


When shipping a vehicle, we take care of sending the needed documents (nautical permissions + official documents of the car) to the destination.

We take care of sending all necessary documents by DHL to our agents on the spot from where the recipient can pick up these documents.

It is also possible, upon payment of a surcharge, to send the documents by DHL directly to the recipient.


In maritime transport each commodity is transported at the risk of the owner. For this reason, we can offer you an insurance that covers the total loss of the car and mechanical parts of the vehicle. This insurance policy will be calculated on the value of the goods and it will cover damage caused during transportation. The insurance will end upon arrival of the vehicle.

When sending the documents to our agents, we will join an insurance policy in where you will find all the necessary information . We inform you that the price of the insurance does not provide more security to the vehicle. For additional security during the transport of the vehicle, please refer to chapter ” safety”


Our warehouses in Brussels and Antwerp are secured under 24/7 video surveillance. To ensure more security before, during and after the transport of your vehicle, you can take the “VIP” formula that offers more security.

With this formula your vehicle will be separated from the others, will carry the “VIP” tag and will receive all attention during the transport from Brussels to its final destination.

This formula is recommended when sending newer vehicles. If you want total security for your vehicle, we recommend the use of a container. We would like to stress the fact that the VIP system is not an insurance.


Generally, the vehicle or vehicles are to be delivered at our offices either in Brussels or in Antwerp.

However, if you are unable to deliver your vehicle, we can arrange a pick up of your vehicle through one of the multiple carriers with whom we work. If your vehicle is too big or difficult to handle, we can also arrange sending a specialized towing company to transfer the vehicle.

This pick-up system is not limited to the national level. Do not hesitate to ask us an offer of a specific vehicle and a specific adress. We will ensure that you receive an answer within 24 hours. Please be informed that the collection system is only available in case of a marine transportation via our company.

Trucks department

Socar Shipping Agencies offers personalized truck service. The Trucks Department deals specifically with the export of trucks, either through suppliers or directly with clients.

For all your inquiries, departure dates, creation / follow up on files and bookings, please contact us by mail: For any problems during the delivery to the trucks port, the Trucks Department will be at your disposal.

Container department

We organize, according to your shipping needs, maritime transport of all types of containers : 20' - 40' - 40' HC and open top (FLC - Folding Large Container).

We will study with you the best solution of transport and loading. We take care of your cargo from the loading point to the port of destination. We work with a successful team throughout Belgium, France and the Netherlands, which will provide the best transport of the container from Antwerp to your destination.

When the booking is confirmed, we review all documents to ensure that everything is in order at the customs level in Belgium and we establish the needed documents enabling the collection of the container at the destination without any problem. Our team is at your disposal to study with you the best solution for transporting your goods and for helping you to find the best solution for your needs.

Feel free to contact our staff at 02 520 40 77 or by email to


For all car sales requests, please send us an email or fax and we will sent you a proforma invoice.
Our stock changes daily, therefore it is for us impossible to provide photos.


Freight payments can be done either in cash at our office or by transfer to one of our bank accounts, or for some countries at our agent (freight collect)

Bank payment

Remember to put the vehicle identification number (VIN) and file number in the communication.

A proof of payment must be submitted in order for us to verify the payment.

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